Hiking at Middlesex Fells

Mel & I have been talking about “doing some nature” basically all summer— whether that was going to a beach, or taking a hike, or kayaking… and it never happened. To be fair, between WordCamps and other conferences, meetups, and work, summer was pretty busy.

Now that it’s fall, and the conference circuit is slowing down (well, there’s another WordCamp this weekend…), we’re trying to do some of those things we didn’t do this summer. So we took the day and went up to the Middlesex Fells Reservation (what a trip, maybe we’ll get a car next time).

We probably hit at least 6 of the labeled trails, and 2 roads, trying to make our way from Oak Grove to the reservation headquarters at Spot Pond. It ended up being about 6 miles of walking through the woods, along rocky trails & brooks. We had lunch at the boat rental place (closed for the season, but had picnic tables) at the edge of Spot Pond. And then took a much shorter rout to a different entrance, so we could catch the bus home.

WordPress and the Command Line

The slides from my talk at NERDSummit, WordPress and the Command Line.

How to use WP-CLI to manage your WordPress site via the command line. From basic management like installing & updating plugins and themes, to scripting a installation workflow, this tool is a WordPress DevOps’ best friend.

New theme: Museum



Museum is a free theme crafted to showcase all of your best photographs, drawings, or illustrations. Featuring elegant, museum-inspired typography and ample room for your images, Museum pays special attention to category and media attachment pages to help your collections shine. Read more about it on themes.redradar.net.

View on wordpress.org to download.

A WP-CLI command and grunt task for the Theme Check plugin

A few months ago I had the idea of creating a wp-cli command for the theme check plugin, and integrating that in with Grunt so that I could use it in my theme build process.

Yesterday I sat down and pulled everything together to do just that.

I’ve modified the existing Theme Check plugin to include a WP-CLI command, and you can grab it on github. If you’re interested, you can also check out the changes I made to create this (as some work had to be done on the plugin directly).

Once you have that version of Theme Check, and can run

wp theme review check <theme-name>

you can also pull down the grunt plugin that integrates with it. Grunt-wp-theme-check is on github and npmjs, and the readme should do a decent job explaining how to use it. Use the following to install it for your project:

npm install grunt-wp-theme-check --save-dev

If you’re still a little lost, you can check out my updated Grunt-Theme-Builder, which explains my process for building and packaging themes. Note that this is just a Gruntfile and package.json, if you want to use it, you’ll need to set up your theme files like I outline, or just copy-paste the tasks you want.

Let me know if you’re using it and if you run into any issues :)

Slides from A Walk Around the Loop

A Walk Around the Loop from Kelly Dwan

Download the PDF (with selectable text) here

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